10 Online Businesses for Sale in April

An established online business can show it has a proven business model that is generating revenue. The online businesses for sale this month have done that, with one of them established in 2001 and still going strong.

Legendary USA is an early eCommerce business that now makes its own Made in USA leather jackets used by US Navy Blue Angels Flight Demonstration, the Blue Knights Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club, Harley Davidson enthusiasts, celebrities, veterans, and more.

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10 Online Businesses for Sale in April

An important factor to consider with these businesses is that since they are online businesses, most of them are easily relocatable. Here are 10 established online businesses available for sale on BizBuySell covering several different industries:

Leading Online Clothing Retailer for 20+ Years

Established in 2001, Legendary USA is an eCommerce business selling Made in USA leather motorcycle apparel and military jackets. The company also owns over 70 website domains for protective and competitive purposes. The owner is retiring and will stay on as an unpaid consultant for up to 60 days.

The company is located in Exton, PA and the asking price is $ 665,000. The gross revenue is $ 1,012,385 with a cash flow of $ 224,000.

Air Purifier eComm Brand

With 293,000 email subscribers, this Air Purifier eComm Brand was established in 2019 and now has an EBITDA of $ 3,618,323. The company has multiple sales channels that is responsible for shipping 440 orders per day. It also has 2 patents pending for its products in a $ 12.2 billion global air purifier market slated to grow at 8% through 2030.

The company is located in Tampa, FL and the asking price is $ 18,000,000. The gross revenue is $ 24,833,435 with a cash flow of $ 3,618,323.

Baby Feeding Bottle Accessories

As a branded Baby Products Company the top SKU’s are add-ons to popular baby feeding bottles. The products are of the highest quality, functionality, and aesthetics factoring in the eco-friendliness of the brand by the materials used. Ninety percent of the sales generated from the brand are through the Amazon FBA business model in the Baby Category.

The home-based business is located in Los Angeles, CA and the asking price is $ 181,356. The gross revenue is $ 171,901 with a cash flow of $ 51,816.

Beauty Skin Cream & Waistline Company

With a giant social media following, this Beauty Skin Cream & Waistline Company has an EBITDA of $ 2,951,647. Established in 2018, this is an eCommerce business with a proven business model generating impressive revenue. The product assembly and packaging are outsourced, and it requires minimal staff.

The business is located in Tampa, FL and the asking price is $ 12,800,000. The gross revenue is $ 4,503,607 and it also includes $ 71,062 of inventory.

10-Year-Old Fitness Subscription Business

This 10-year-old Fitness Subscription Business is SBA PreQualified. This means an SBA-backed lender has looked at it and they will consider providing a business acquisition loan to a qualified Buyer. The average member subscribes for 24 months and has a lifetime value (LTV) of $ 250. The company now has more than $ 2.26 million in sales.

The business is located in Mooresville, NC and the asking price is $ 5,250,000. The gross revenue is $ 2,264,268 with a cash flow of $ 1,006,652.

Online Subscription + Retail Butcher

This Online Subscription + Retail Butcher is the highest-rated butcher shop in Michigan and one of the top 10 in the country for positive ratings. The company ships high-quality meats to customers’ doors every 4,6 or 8 weeks. The revenue is split between 60% retail and 40% online, and there is a great opportunity to scale the online side of the business.

The business is located in Ferndale, MI and the asking price is $ 2,250,000 with gross revenue of $ 1,250,000.

Internet Sales of Tea Brand for Men

This Internet Sales of Tea Brand for Men is the first of its kind functional tea brand created specifically for men. The teas are blended to support overall men’s health naturally, such as Testosterone and Libido Booster, Skinny tea for weight loss, Calming tea, Laser Focus, Detoxing tea, and Intermittent fasting tea. The company has a customer database of 15,000 customers.

The business is located in Miami-Dade County, FL and the asking price is $ 175,000 with gross revenue of $ 217,467.

E-Commerce & Woodworking Brand

If you like working with your hands, this E-Commerce & Woodworking Brand has a unique custom-made product with very little direct competition. Established in 2016 the company has a customer base of one-off owner / operators as well as large companies in construction, nationwide retailers, and restaurant franchises.

The business is located in Fort Worth, TX and the asking price is $ 175,000. The gross revenue is $ 140,000 with a cash flow of $ 58,000.

Educational Toys & Gifts Vertical

This eCommerce brand is in the Educational Toys & Gifts Vertical focusing on both fun and learning toys. Established in 2019, the company experienced a 221% growth in sales in its first year. It also provides digital products to address the growing educational segment in the sector. The average NET profit margin is 15% and the gross profit margin is a solid 64%.

The business is located in Tampa, Fl and the asking price is $ 300,000. The gross revenue is $ 620,105 with a cash flow of $ 93,515.

Stone Engraving Business

Established in 2009 this home-based Air Purifier eComm Brand has had 12 years of continuous profitable operation. Most of the sales come from the business website with a high number of repeat customers. The engraved stones are a keepsake for everything from grave markers to garden stones, address markers, corporate stones, religious (biblical) stones, wedding gifts, and more.

The business is located in Washington state and the asking price is $ 225,000. The gross revenue is $ 106,000 with a cash flow of $ 67,000.

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